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Welcome to, the website of property consultancy Spot Blue, which helps high net worth foreign citizens purchase property in London. This is where the shrewd investor in UK property will receive impartial, sound and solid advice for all your property in the UK investments. We have a wealth of knowledge in UK property for sale and we can point you in the right direction for all your UK real estate. We only deal with reputable sellers and have built up an excellent working relationship developed from trust and mutual respect. Our UK properties are located in the prime areas of London; these areas are easily recognisable as they are the most sought after postcodes properties in London currently have for sale. When buying property for sale in UK you are investing in a country rich in history and we want only the very best areas and ideal property for you.

We specialise in sourcing prime and new build residential real estate.

As a family run company based in South London, Spot Blue combines local knowledge with a highly personal service, enabling us to match discerning buyers from around the world with luxury homes in London for sale. Our prime residential real estate in the UK will give you the ultimate in luxury living in one of the most visited and popular capital cities in the world. The lifestyle here is second to none and if you can live the luxury lifestyle here then why not? Along with quality real estate for sale in London there are excellent schools available as one would expect especially nursery and primary schools and a range of secondary schools that are oversubscribed which says it all. Living in a very good school catchment area is vital to your children’s education and these prime residential areas offer exemplary schools. We know that when buying properties in the UK its not just bricks and mortar you’re buying you are buying a home and a future for your family this is why its so important that you tell us exactly what your looking for and how your future home can grow with you as your family do.

We value one-to-one relationships and discretion.
London’s global reputation as a financial, political and cultural hub makes its property market one of the most buoyant in the world. As a result, some of the most desirable homes on the international real estate market are located in London’s prime districts, such as Kensington, Mayfair and Belgravia. Spot Blue’s clients purchase homes in London not only for the lifestyle benefits, but because they want to invest in an immovable Sterling asset. These districts are the crème de le crème in bustling London and everyone of substance wants to live there and they want to indulge in the dynamic lifestyle that London provides on a daily basis.

We understand the financial incentives that drive wealthy international buyers in London today.

We take the time to listen to your property needs and we can advise you on the most suitable locations for you. London is the place to be and it has one of the largest urban transport networks in the world. The 32 boroughs are covered by river, road and bus systems and the river bus is by far the best way to see London and beat any traffic. The national rail stations and underground systems run smoothly and efficiently and get you from A to B in no time at all and The Business Traveller magazine rated London City Airport as having the best public transport links in the world. London City Airport is perfectly located for those travelling to and from London and Greater London along with superb public transport links and road connections on your doorstep central London is a mere 30 minutes away.

London is high on the discerning investor’s radar not only because of the high end luxury properties where they can have a super lifestyle but also because of the rental potential that these properties afford. Like any capital city rental properties are highly sought after by the affluent business man and woman everyday. We are all aware that our careers take us to new city destinations possibly for just for 6 months or 9 months of the year and we want to be able to rent a comfortable property in a good location. Good transport links are vital including airports and railway networks and these areas that the properties are located in offer just that.

If you want to buy real estate in London for sale as an investment, you really couldn’t choose a better location for a number of reasons. The tourist sector is thriving with foreign visitors to London continuing to rise we have seen record numbers exceeding the 19 million mark which is encouraging for tourism with the growth of foreign visitors whether on holiday of investing in property, the trend is expected to continue. The affluent areas where our properties are located not only offer an opulent traditional typical English lifestyle it offers a vibrant and fulfilling social life with like minded people. Beautiful gardens in the surrounding areas offer peace and tranquility and a lush leafy backdrop. The upmarket restaurants, bars and cafes are a wonderful place to meet up with friends for coffee, lunch cocktails or dinner, the choice is yours. Afternoon tea is a must and is a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Only the best designer names are found here with an abundance of fine shopping, trendy boutiques, antique dealers and exquisite jewellers. Markets selling vintage clothes, antiques and collectibles are visited by thousands of tourists from across the globe. Museums, art galleries and theatres are all within easy reach for those cultural afternoons and evenings out.

If you are a foreign citizen looking to purchase a luxury residence in London, contact us today. We will be delighted to talk through how we could help you. (See our section on the areas we cover to find out more).

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