An unusual opportunity to enter the UK online property market

The UK housing market is one of the most dynamic in the world. And increasingly in this extraordinary environment anyone seeking to successfully market properties within it needs a strong and ready-made presence online to stand a chance of success.

For many start-up property businesses it’s a must to secure a web address that already has an established track with the major search engines (and in particular Google) as well as a domain name that is both memorable and ranks well in searches.

And it’s a world of online searches that’s unusually large. ‘Property in UK’ is part of a family of terms on Google that attracts over 1.5 million searches a month – a potential audience that this site has the potential to play a strong role in capturing. And that’s a conservative figure – Unique Visitor data from the market leading portals suggests that at least 40 million people within and outside the UK search for property in this country every year.
Therefore, offers anyone seeking to establish a presence in the UK property market all of these advantages. As owners of this site we’re open to ideas and partnerships on how to develop this unusually strong online business platform, as well as being open to offers to acquire it.

We already have a strong track record in property. This site is affiliated to one of the leading overseas property websites specialising in Turkish property for sale – Spot Blue – as well as a winter sports property website,
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